Damián Roca Marí

Founder and Architect at Tocat Labs, Kuartango

Doctorado Severo Ochoa, 2013

Damian is a founding member of the technical team at Consilient Labs Inc. in Silicon Valley. Mr. Roca is also the CEO & Founder of Tocat Labs in Mallorca (Spain). Consilient Labs is changing the way how artificial intelligence works by combining the five tribes of AI instead of optimizing for a single solution. The technology will enable a new computer paradigm by understanding the knowledge arising from hidden data.   Mr. Roca was previously a systems architect at IoT Labs contributing to the design and development of an end-to-end IoT platform. Before, he was reponsible for the architecture definition and the technology vision of Starflow Networks Inc. in Silicon Valley during his PhD.   He pioneered the Hierarchical Emergent Behaviors (HEB), a new swarm architecture to manage and orchestrate massive fleets of autonomous vehicles combining concepts from biology and engineering. It relies on the flock behavior of birds from biology and the hierarchical de-composition from engineering designs to accomplish its goals. His research was awarded by the Spanish Computer Science Society and the BBVA foundation. The research was conducted at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, were he was a resident engineer. Furthermore, he was leading a team of two researchers to restructure the project priorities in new areas such as IoT and Fog Computing. Then, he was responsible for the proposals' management to meet the stated goals.  



Doctorado Severo Ochoa, 2013

Universidad o centro de destino

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

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Doctorado en el Barcelona Supercomputing Center

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Ingeniería y tecnología de las telecomunicaciones

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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Especialidad de origen

Ingeniería y tecnología de las telecomunicaciones