Diego Calzada Fraile

PhD fellow, Fuenlabrada

España, 2019

Born in Fuenlabrada (Spain) in 1995, Diego graduates with a BSc in Biochemistry from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2017 raking 3rd of the cohort. During his bachelor, he spends one academic year in the University of York (UK). In this period, driven by scientific curiosity and scholarships, he undertakes several summer research volunteering experiences related to infection and immunity. He completes his bachelor thesis working in the sorting mechanisms of viral miRNAs into exosomes. After graduation, he moves to Paris thanks to a fellowship by the Amgen Scholars Foundation to perform two months of research at Institut Pasteur (Paris, France) working on the IFN-mediated restriction of Simian Foamy Retroviruses’ replication. Then, due to his passion for immunology and its applications (specially vaccines) he joins the MSc in Leading International Vaccinology Education (LIVE) with an Erasmus+ Mundus scholarship awarded by the European Commission as he ranks the best European candidate. The LIVE master is an international two-year programme funded by the EU for talented and motivated students interested in multidisciplinary studies in vaccinology. During the master he studies in the University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Antwerp (Belgium), University of Lyon, and University of Saint-Étienne (France), where he is trained in vaccine science, public health, communication, immunology, infectiology, epidemiology and European languages. He performs his master thesis at CEA/IDMIT (Fontenay-aux-Roses, France) studying the immune responses to yellow fever infection and vaccination in non-human primates, leading to complete his master in 2019 raking 1st of the cohort. Currently he is conducting his PhD project at Centro Nacional De Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC, Madrid) in Francisco Sánchez-Madrid’s group, where he is interested in the effects of T cell immune contacts on innate immunty.



España, 2019

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CNIC - Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research

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Doctorado en Biomedicina

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Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

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Biología molecular y bioquímica